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Saturday 9 July 2022

Ravens in the Sun

This week I spent a morning at the sight of Maiden Castle on a butterfly shoot.
Walking along between the first two ramparts I noticed a pair of Ravens circling around above me. 
This soaring around and various aerobatics is part of the courtship. I could just make out from the photographs that one bird had something in its claw and the other was trying to grab it.
It did not appear to be food as eventually whatever it was, it disappeared and they continued to fly around as in the images. It was play rather than aggression being shown. The Common Raven pairs for life and maintains a large territory.

The position of the birds in relation to the sun made it difficult to get clear images even with spot metering, so these are mainly in silhouette.

You can see in the image below the first bird has something in its claw.



  1. Excellent series of images in action, well done!

  2. Corvids seem to have a real sense of play which is more obvious that in any other species. We're beginning to see a few more Ravens around here recently.


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