Saturday, 14 March 2020

Marsh Harrier - Radipole Lake

The following images I shot of the male Marsh Harrier are record shots only and pretty poor and not what I would normally post. However, as the pair of Marsh Harriers at Radipole Lake, Weymouth normally keep a considerable distance from the North Screen Hide, I still wanted to record them.

Usually the only sight you get of them is at a considerable distance (around 500 metres) when they either fly usually low or sometimes very high over their immediate area. Hopefully one day they may take pity on me and do a Fly-by close to the Hide. Watch this space.


  1. How fabulous to firstly have seen this Harrier and then to have managed to get these shots. Brilliant Roy. Have a wonderful week ahead and stay safe from the virus. Thanks for all your comments.

    1. Thanks Margaret.
      Trying to avoid the virus.

  2. I think, these photos are terrific!
    I was never been able to do so!
    Always to much distrance ;-(
    So it is a fine series of images of this predator in flight!
    Regards, Maria


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