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Friday 7 December 2018

Stalking the Redwing

Not the easiest of pastimes especially when its raining. I say raining, but there were a few short rays of sunshine.

In the local parkland there is a small copse of mainly Hawthorn and Bramble trees/bushes, which in the past have revealed many photo opportunities. One such occasion was a flock of Waxwing when it was white with snow some years ago. One doesn't get that opportunity everyday. 

Such species as Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat, Spotted Flycatcher, Redwing and Fieldfare are regular at various times of the year. 
On this occasion there was a small flock of Redwing moving from one bush to the next. Keeping in cover and keeping up with them was the only way to get a shot as they are still very 'flighty' at this time.

I have placed this shot first as it was long range, but there was a short burst of sun that helped and I liked the colouring of the image with an out of focus back drop.

At one point I walked around the edge of the copse and this one popped out momentarily.


  1. They don't make life easy for you, do they. Perhaps they'll be less flighty later in winter when they get hungry.

  2. Mahtavat kuvat punakylkirastaasta. Täältä on rastaat muuttaneet pois. Se on outoa. Joka talvi tänne jää niitä, mutta nyt ei ole näkynyt. Johtuisiko se siintä, että puissa ei ole marjoja.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the Redwing.
    That he is among the berries is really great!


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