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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Blue and Orange

Kingfisher (Male)

Normally if you get to photograph a Kingfisher, it is because it has not seen you rather, than you seeing it.
Unless you are cheating by sitting in a bird hide of course.

I was walking along adjacent to a lake, but somewhat hidden by trees and bushes. In a clearing ahead of me I observed this male kingfisher fly up on to the branch. I stopped and didn't move any further. I had to remove a short lens from the camera and replace it with a long lens. It also pays to have some preset settings installed especially if you are using several lens, as I was able to switch to one from completely the wrong settings and take these shots.

This shot was taken when the bird flew further along the side of the lake. 
Of course there is always a twig in the way.


  1. Nice one Roy...right place right time. I bet changing over those lenses felt like it was taking for ever?
    Damn twigs...they're everywhere!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, yes it did increase the heart rate somewhat.:))

  2. The right place, the right time, the right lens (eventually), and the right previous experience. Fantastic shots.

    1. Thanks Wilma, I will probably have to wait another few years to get this shot again, :))

  3. hello roy
    done everything right, not moved, lens changed and
    Great pictures
    Greetings Frank


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