Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Whimbrel at Dusk

This Whimbrel has been observed around the Bill at Portland for some time now. There has been a suggestion that it has a problem with one of its wings. I have seen it on two occasions now, the first I didn't have a camera, the second time it was nearing sunset when I shot these images. I did observe it flying, although not a great distance, but did not see a problem with its flying. It appears to be feeding well and looks in good condition. It certainly walks around and avoids people, particularly Dog Walkers without any problem. Although a migratory species, some remain in UK over Winter.  The average lifespan is 11 years, but one has been recorded through ringing being 24 years. If it does have a wing problem preventing migration it could easily live on Portland it being a suitable location for its needs.



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