Thursday, 30 January 2020

Radipole Walk

A recent walk around Radipole Lake for a couple of hours with varying degrees of light and weather revealed species that I expected to find.

iPhone Image

The main interest was observing a Little Egret that was stalking through the reeds fishing. It would disturb the water by moving its foot rapidly which in turn spooked the small fish. It would then strike with its long beak, but not always successfully.

Blue Tit

Cormorant resting in its usual spot


Male Bearded Tit 



Female Bearded Tit


  1. A very productive walk. How on earth did evolution come up with the idea of equipping the Little Egret with yellow feet to disturb the fish? And why haven't other birds got a similar adaptation?

    1. Thanks John.
      Yes very odd, especially when the Great Egret has black feet.

  2. A wonderful selection of bird images adn I am very jealous that you got to photograph a Bearded Tit. We do not have them here at all Roy

  3. A beautiful walk Roy with nice birds. I love the bearded tit. Greetings Caroline

  4. That little egret is great to see.
    You can also photograph the blue tit nicely.
    delicious those bearded men. I also had them once in front of the lens :-)


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