Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Brimstone in Flight

I was observing this female Brimstone Butterfly as it was moving along a bush and laying eggs as it went along.
It was then disturbed by a passing male and a short display of aerial activity occurred.

This provided some opportunity for fast shutter speed shooting, although I didn't have the ideal lens at the time.

The shot below was taken at the time that the female was launching herself into the air, hence the open wings position which one doesn't normally see.



  1. aerial ballet. super shots, Roy.

  2. P.S. - quite often my comments won't go through. Don't know why. But I always enjoy your photos!

  3. Roy, These are wonderful photos in this series. Thanks. Sorry I have not been commenting much recently. It is because my daughter had a bad car accident and I was asked to come over to the Isle of Wight to help her and the family so it is keeping me quite busy and will be here for a while still.

    1. Thanks Maragaret. Sorry to hear that, hope all goes well with recovery.

  4. You captured them really well, well done Roy! There's something special about butterflies in flight, caught on camera. :-)

  5. I had the same problem as Wilma:.not possible to comment...But I have look to al your lovely Posts!!
    This is magic.! This series is like a fairy tale!
    Regards, Maria


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