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Monday, 3 June 2013

More Greens and Whites

Some of my latest images of butterflies collected on recent walks.

Green Hairstreak.

Large White.

Green-veined White.

They are not great, but I have included a couple of shots below of a pair of Brimstone flying high around tree top height. The female is being pursued by the male of course and they fly around in circles as they climb.


  1. Excellent set of flutter images Roy, love the Brimstone in flight shots...[;o)

  2. Hi Roy,

    I think the shots are great, The last two included. It's beautiful in this blue sky and that you were able to catch flying butterflies!!!


  3. wow - I'm impressed Roy. Lovely butterflies. I'm not sure why it is - I never see a variety of butterflies here. A couple of varieties, that's all. Must be all the meadow flowers attract them and certainly make for beautiful photographs from you

    1. Thanks Carole, we are having a better year for flutters.

  4. Hi Roy Well you have don it again. wonderful set of photos. Margaret


  5. Hi Roy,

    green butterflies that I find beautiful. In the Netherlands they only come on eht island Texel but last time I saw one in a different place. Luckily I could just have two pictures of it.
    Superb blog with the green butterfly's but also your fluttering butterflies in the sky I find very well done.

  6. Simply beautiful images again Roy and well done capturing the Brimstones in flight :-)

  7. Hey Roy.. I didn't show up on my list until this morning! Wow sure glad I didn't miss these beauties!!
    They are all stunning shot's, but you know the Green-Veined White on the Blue Bell is my favorite : )
    The in flight ones are great!!


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