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Friday 7 June 2013

Four Legged Fleecy Types

A few fairly long range shots of some four legged fleecy types.

These Lambs are a few weeks old now and enjoying the sunny conditions.


  1. looking like a well maintained farm and the sheep in nice condition. Little lambs are very photogenic

  2. Peaceful scenes. Sheep amuse me - I have a theory that they enjoy panic. Not serious. We've rescued a few lambs from fences this spring, and on Thursday one lamb came up to be stroked. A first for me. It was with its mother, so may have been partly hand-reared. Very used to humans as good things anyway.
    Shame they taste so good.

    1. Not sure about your theory Alison.
      Yes Lambs tend to get in awkward spots.
      I wouldn't know about that as I don't eat them.{:))

  3. Lovely sheep scenes.....the little lambs are so cute. Mom looks like she is bragging about her babies in that first one.

  4. Hey Roy...They do seem to be enjoying the sun!!
    Momma looks content in the first one chewing her cud, and the next to the last photo the lamb to the left with it's head tipped back looks like it is having a "awww" moment ; )!!
    Number 51...you must have showed that because of your age hee-hee ; )!!
    Have been wanting to tell you that I love your header!

  5. So sweet , I bet mum was feeling a bit warm in her woolie coat.

  6. I always find it very relaxing to watch the local sheep. Unless something spooks them they always look so relaxed.

  7. Always very touching these little lambs :-)))))))

  8. The first one is clearly having a good laugh. The little lamb in photo 2 seems happy to show off its bottom. Aren't they so humourous!!


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