Saturday, 18 May 2013

Everyday Birds

 Occasionally I like to post images of birds that you would see naturally mainly with the naked eye.

Moorhen making waves across the water as it heads for the cover of a bramble bush at the edge of the water.

A chattering Whitethroat hopping through the bush following its mate around.

A Collared Dove conducting a spot of preening.

A industrious Coot.

A female Dunnock taking a rest from nesting duties.

A Grey Heron heading up river looking for another good perch for fishing.

A Common Tern patrolling the calm water of a lake on the look out for small fish and ready to dive at any moment.

A male Chaffinch singing from a high perch.

Below are three different Garden Warblers announcing to the World that they have arrived again from the South.

A female Greenfinch searching for food amongst the Lichen.

Feeding his face, what else would a male Bullfinch be doing.

A Robin too busy to worry about its appearance, conducting the never ending search for food to take back to the nest.

A male Mute being his usual angry self.

A Blue Tit taking in some nice sunlight through the leaves.


  1. A fine selection of images there Roy, including some of the birds that we see every day but as they're so common we rarely stop to 'see' and appreciate them properly...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor. Yes we do tend to ignore them on occasions.

  2. I love Mr. Angry. Great capture Roy.

  3. Hey Roy... Back to birds no more butterflies under your hat "huh"!!?
    I must say that the Swan may be angry, but he has a wonderful display of itself in this photo!!
    Lovely time of year with all the birds singing and preparing to nest !! Poor little Robin does look a little worn!!
    Have you not taken any Bluebells shots yet??
    Question have you ever heard the saying " he is crazier then a coot"!! I wonder if that is referring to the Coot the bird?? So are they??


    1. Thanks GG, yes a Coot can be quite crazy at times especially in the springtime when it starts fights with other Coots.

  4. Nice selection Roy! Male Bullfinches are such cracking little birds, aren't they?! I never tire of seeing them.
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    1. Thanks John, yes they are lovely birds.
      If only they would come out in the open more often.

  5. Another wonderful series from your neck of the woods. Say, I saw my first Grey Heron this past week, not in Massachusetts, but in Germany.

    1. Thanks Steve, yes the Grey Heron is common in many parts of Europe.


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