Monday, 13 May 2013

A Cow Day

It was time I had another Cow Day.

Featured here are the Belted Galloway cattle. 
The 'Beltie' of which records show have existed from around the 17th/18th century originally in Scotland. It is believed that the breed is a cross between the ancient 'Galloway' cattle of Scotland and the Dutch 'Belted' cattle.

A hardy and adaptable breed that can exist in extreme climates and prefer to over winter outside. They are used for both commercial and conservation purposes and are tolerant of varied land conditions with minimum husbandary required.
"Of course they also make great photographic subjects."


  1. Most striking markings. Can safely say I've never seen one of those.

    1. They have have increased in numbers around the country now John.

  2. Hey Roy...The first time I ever seen them in pasture here I was so amazed at how they had perfect bands of white on them !! These where all black !!
    They are a handsome fella's, and do add great interest to photo's!! I really like that brown one, and the last shot, to me it shows the curiosity side ; )

  3. I like their shaggy looking coats! Must be very warm for wintering outside.

  4. I don't think I've seen those around here Roy. They are very distinctive, quite woolly looking when seen closely.

    I really enjoyed all your recent butterfly posts too, lovely photos of them all.

  5. Hi Roy! Like the last one, very mooooody! ;)
    There are a few of these cattle kept at Maxey now, so I am often running into them.
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    1. Hi John, running into them, not literally I hope.{:))

  6. Yes I agree, they do make for good photos. I have seen the black and white ones before but not the brown. I too love cows.


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