Friday, 24 May 2013

Another Blue and White

Native Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

If you search carefully amongst bluebells you may be fortunate enough to find the odd whitebell.

This white one below I found in a woodland area. 
I found it in the same place as previous years so its still growing well from the bulbs. It does have a tinge of blue on the end of the flower although that disappears when fully out. 
It may not be a true whitebell however, which is extremely rare.


  1. Hi Roy I love the white Bluebell with the tinge of blue on it. very unusual. Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, I have seen the odd one over the years.

  2. Very nice Roy! I see plenty of white Spanish bluebells in gardens, but never a native whitebell, didn't know they exist!
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  3. Hey Roy... Wow Incredible, and how unique that it is still producing the same color in the same place!! I'd keep that location to myself ; )
    It is heavenly.."a bit of blue sky and white clouds"!
    Nice find and photo!!

  4. Roy, When I was out the other day photographing the Bluebells I came across a couple of Whitebells, I took a few photos just thinking that they were nothing more than 'white' Bluebells, it didn't occur to me that they might be quite rare!!
    The ones I saw were all white unlike the ones you found, I think I much prefer your ones with the purple tinge at the ends, much prettier!...[;o)

    (I'll post a couple of pictures later)

    1. Trevor, I have since found some plain white ones in the same wood and will post them when I get the chance.

  5. How pretty! I've seen the odd all white one but don't remember ever seeing one tinged with blue, really lovely.

    Lovely photos of the blossom on the previous post and on the header too.

    Thank you so much for the info on the Pasque flowers Roy :-)


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