Sunday, 19 May 2013

Butterfly Mishaps

Two unsuccessful unions reported here regarding two different white species of butterflies.

Firstly, I was shooting some flowers in woodland when this pair of Large White Butterflies landed nearby and attempted copulation, unsuccessfully as it transpired.

In the shot below you can see the shadow of the male over the female as it hovered above.
This just wont do, hasn't anybody told him.{:))

Within a couple of minutes as I was still walking through the woodland I came across this pair of Green-veined White butterflies trying to get it together. Another failure unfortunately.

Ah! well, get back to eating from a flower, perhaps with a little more sustanence.?


  1. Hi Roy,
    Well that's interesting because I have witnessed many times lately the same thing: butterflies seeming very clumsy at mating! :(
    I wonder why...
    Your photos are great and very lively, I like the one with the male's shadow over the female.
    Also, I enjoyed your previous post with all the birds, also very lively! I wish I could see Bullfinches where I live...
    Cheers, enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hi Roy!
    Interesting photos, I hope that they are eventually successful! Maybe this is why butterfly numbers are dropping! ;)
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  3. Nice moments Roy, this IS the season and the butterflys also know it. Your last pitture I like the most because of the nice yellow colours on both the flower and the butterfly.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  4. Hi Roy

    Well they did try and it would have been very good if they had succeeded and got the shot. Anyway,it is lovely tosee these butterflies as I have not seen many here as yet in Northern Ireland.

  5. What an inept pair you came across Roy! (-: The don't have long to get it right either! Let's hope they did!

    1. I expect she said, There will be another one along in a minute.

  6. And I guess the strange bloke pointing a camera at them didn't help matters much?

    Interesting post Roy, I wonder what the ratio between successful and failed encounters is?

    Excellent last shot...[;o)

    1. Yes they were not keen on an audience Trevor.(;))

  7. Hey Roy....Well what can I say "better luck next time??" no wonder there is a lack of butterfly population there ; )
    Perhaps a little disruption from the camera guy!!
    Interesting photos, and that last one is a lovely one!!
    Just getting to comment today Google for me was goofed up yesterday!!

  8. Especially the last picture I find beautiful. So you see very well why this butterfly veined white hot :-)


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