Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Jay's Lunch

I walked into a darkened patch of woodland and heard some rustling low down on the ground ahead of me. I could just make out a Jay behind a clutch of 'Lords and Ladies'.
I started taking shots of the Jay, but at the time (because of the poor light) I had no idea what it was actually doing. It wasn't until I examined the images later that I could see that the Jay had removed the middle part of the plant and had flown off with it.

The images are poor and very noisy, but you an get the general idea from them.
Its quite surprising what various birds eat.


  1. Hi Roy
    Thats' amazing. Birds are always surprising us in many ways but it was lovely to have captured it on camera

  2. Interesting post Roy, something I, and I guess many others, have never seen before!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, yes its amazing what you stumble across some times in the World of nature.

  3. Hey Roy...That is amazing..and he comes out with his prize!!
    I wonder what the purpose of it is???

  4. Very interesting Roy and a nice selection of pics considering the poor light :-)

    I've also been enjoying a catch up of all your recent posts and those butterfly shots from the other day were superb (especially the Peacocks and Green-veined Whites).

    I also enjoyed your 'Cow Day' and it would seem Belted Galloways are becoming increasingly popular with many livestock farmers judging by the currently growing number of herds up and down the country. As you say they are a handsome and more importantly hardy breed, so perhaps their growing popularity is not really that surprising.

  5. that is amazing...the things we find out when we study birds...everyday we learn something new!


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