Thursday, 14 March 2013

Scenes from a Parkland Walk

A few scenes from my recent Parkland walk.
During the walk I avoided (mostly) mini snow storms that didn't really pitch very much.
One of the storms can be seen in the distance in the image below.

Sadly a few shots of the demise of a wonderful Oak Tree.

A bit of artistic indulgence below.

These images below show how windy it was. These long nut feeders hung near one of the parkland centres, were taking quite a battering from the wind. 
However, it didn't deter the Blue Tits. (Hang on there Shipmate)


  1. It's always so sad to see the loss of an old tree particularly one which has stood for many years.

    It always amazes me that tiny birds can cope with high winds! Great captures Roy.

  2. Some lovely scenic photos Roy and I love the slinky bird feeder! (-: What a shame about the Oak tree. Some nice cabinet making wood in that tree, though I prefer to see them still living!

    1. Thanks Jen, yes it is a shame. I don't think its on its way to Frome though.{:))

  3. Hey Roy..Just like last night I am just getting to comments...crazy !!
    Love that sky beautiful wispy clouds!!
    That sure was a big old Oak a pity it was taken down!!
    Pretty windy to sway that feeder about!!
    We had mini snow burst today to ; )!!

    1. Thanks GG, I dont know why they cut the oak down. It wasn't blown down.

  4. Roy, wonderful scenery! and that is quite a gale blowing there!

  5. Beautiful skies and the thick were sawed tree with a hole in the trunk is very beautiful. You can indeed see that the storm feed silos nice by the wind are addressed, but the blue tits eat fortunately from.

    1. Thanks Helma, its a shame to see wonderful trees down like this though.


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