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Monday 29 December 2014

Reed and Red

Reed Bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)

A resident species in Southern UK, the male Reed Bunting looses some of its striking markings during Winter. The black head looks somewhat washed out and you will not hear the monotonous call as you would in Summer.

The Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis cabaret)

The first and so far, the only Redpoll I have observed this Winter. There were only four in number and they were in a location I would expect to find them, high up in Alder trees eating the seeds.


  1. Hi Roy. There. Is beautiful lighting in these great shots. Lovely to see the Redpolls, I rarely see them

    1. Thanks Margaret. They are few and far between here this year.

  2. Always two nice birds to see at winter wetlands, especially the Redpoll. They do seem to be scarce this year as I haven't seen many either.

  3. Het mogen er niet veel in aantal zijn maar je hebt ze er wel heel mooi opstaan.

  4. Hi Roy! The Reed Bunting is one of my favourite birds and one that I am lucky in having visit my garden in good numbers during the winter months. Never had a Redpoll, Lesser or otherwise, but never say never!
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  5. Bravo !!!! Très très belle photos !
    Roy, je te souhaite un bon réveillon du 31 !

  6. Hi Roy,

    I really love your first photo! What a beautiful ightning conditions. The reed-bunting is a nice bird staying alle year. The Redpoll is difficult to find in my area so it's nice to see it on your blog.

    Best wishes for 2015!


  7. Happy New Year, Roy!
    And may the new year bring to you many reasons to smile, embrace and celebrate in every single day.
    All the best! Grateful for your friendship over these last months...

    Great sequence of photos, as always, over here...,


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