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Friday, 19 December 2014


The Goosander (Mergus merganser)

The fourth in the series of species that I photographed on the same walk as the Stonechat. 

One of the Sawbills, a species which I find a bit odd, "Neither fish nor fowl".
Yes, I know, its a waterfowl.
A rare visitor (as far as I am concerned) to the local Parkland lakes. I have seen only one previously, but on this occasion there were two as the final image at the bottom of this post will reveal.

Both birds were distinctly unhelpful, choosing to head for the open middle of the largest lake in the Parkland each time I observed them as I walked around the edge.
All of the images are quite poor due to the overcast light and distance involved. 

Observed here below conversing with one of the locals.


  1. Well at least he is friendly and the locals accepted him. Great to see and photograph him

  2. They visit my local lake in numbers no higher than 4 - usually males, sometimes a solitary red headed female amongst them. Handsome handsome birds

  3. Another good 'tick' from your walk Roy.
    That's annoying when they move off to the middle of the lake like that, all we want is for them to pose for a couple of images (or a few!!) and then we would be happily on our way! ...they've got no idea these birds!!
    Lovely birds to see, even if they are shy!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, yes they just arn't at all helpful are they.


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