Monday, 26 January 2015

Cold Lakes

Most of the largest of the three lakes in the Parkland was frozen over on the morning of this walk.
Water birds will on these occasions find the remaining open water and congregate at that spot. 
They will tolerate each other more than usual. (Even Coots)

Geese such as the Greylags below, if they start making a noise and facing into the wind with their heads up, this will mean only one thing. Take off is about to occur. 

Sony Alpha 7.  35mm f2.8 lens.  1/1000 at f4.  ISO100 

The surrounding fields were frosty with little wind blowing and the sun was weak.

Goldfinch eating seed from the Alder cones.

Sony Alpha 7.  35mm f2.8 lens.  1/125 at f11.  ISO100

More Ice Art

Below in the distance a Grey Heron stands on the bank.
This little stretch of water was flowing freely and I had seen Kingfisher just around the corner.

A close up of the Heron

A close up of another Heron at the other end of this stretch of water.

Sitting on the ice in the middle of the gulls is the male Goosander that appears to have taken up residence for a while.

Below a second year Herring Gull (Maybe)

Greylags taking off in the distance.
Just like watching waders on the shoreline. 

Its no fun for Mallards at this time.

During the afternoon as the Sun gets low in the sky, it was below freezing and even the Greylags had decided to sit it out on the ice. 
(What was I still doing out here {:)) )

Roll on the Spring.


  1. I like the ice-art - but I'd like some spring weather even more!

  2. HI Roy So many wonderful photographs, great reflections and close ups. I love all the Ice sculpture.

  3. Its such a lovely place to go for a walk and full of wildlife...
    Amanda xx

  4. Lovely flight shots. I like the ice art too. Have a great week.

  5. Glad I have you to brave the cold and take lovely photos for me to view in the warm! Love those geese taking off and the goldfinches too. :-)

  6. Winter provides wonder photgraphs...when you aren't having to cycle to work in it

    1. Thanks Simon. At least you are doing your bit for the atmosphere.

  7. How very cool it would be to see those geese take off like that Roy. You captured them beautifully, also all the other birds in your photos. And it is so scenic out there. Great photos!

  8. love that Sony Alpha 7, so had to go and read pages on it. Looks like you are getting some excellent flying shots as well Roy! That heron close up has a lot of detail. nice.! Then I ended up reading your posts about butterflies and summer posts!

    1. Thanks Nora. With 35mm lens its a great scene camera to use.

  9. We are definitively in the heart of winter and it has not been very cold here for the third year in row.
    Many birds have remained up north which makes photography difficult!!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this post, this flock of geese is wonderful!
    Great action pics here, Roy!
    The ice art is always quite captivating to see, even the most gifted artists can never match what nature creates!!
    Keep well, enjoy your day :)

    1. Thanks Noushka.
      It has not been too bad here really and hopefully will continue in that vein now until Spring.

  10. Roy, such wonderful scenery and photography in this post! I love the water reflection shot. Nice to see all those birds. It's funny to think that the goldfinch that is so common for you is so exotic for me! Nice header shot as well!

    BTW, we are having a blizzard here today, but so far we still have power! High winds and heavy snowfall with temps in the low teens and windchills below zero F! Does it ever get that cold there?

    1. Thanks Kathie.
      It does get that cold and more, it was minus 1 celsius (30 F) on the morning I shot these images. We have not had a really winter for a couple of years now though.

  11. Ouverture 2.8.... ah oui c'est génial ça !
    Bravo pour le vol des oies Roy, c'est très très beau !

    1. Merci Nathalie. Je suis heureux de la performance de l'objectif.


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