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Friday 30 January 2015

Blue and a Few

A Blue Tit and a few other birds.

A Grey Heron.

A Pied Wagtail on ice. 
It was funny to watch this and one other of this species slipping about on ice in a field searching for food. Not quite up to Torvill and Dean standard.

A Great Tit trying to hide.

Can you see the Wren.....

..........Yes there he is.

I was fortunate to find this little Wren below moving around the trunk of a large tree

This below was a quick shot (one of two) at a bird at distance that then disappeared behind trees. 
From the brief view I had of it something didn't look quite right.

A heavily cropped version of the second and quite poor shot of this Crow revealed that it had what looked like a Freshwater Mollusc in its beak.


  1. Poor little wagtail! I love the tits and the little wren. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love the wren in the bush and the wren on the trunk.

  3. het is heerlijk om zo de diversiteit van de vogels bij elkaar te zien.

  4. Bonsoir Roy
    Elle est toute belle ta 'Bue tit"
    Pas évident de faire de la trottinette sur la glace ;-)
    Et ton troglodyte est bien caché !
    Jolie série pour tout ceci Roy, jolie ballade.

  5. Great shots of the Wren in the clear, not often seen clearly as they always seem to be on the move.
    Fascinating capture of the Crow with shell.

  6. Beautiful set of photos, the first one of the Blue tit is wonderful..
    Amanda xx

  7. You have a good collection today. I really like the Pied Wagtail.


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