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Thursday 16 October 2014

The Sound of a Woodie

Once you have heard it, you will always remember it. 
The sound of a Wood Pigeon 'Crashing out' of a bush or tree.


  1. Not the most subtle or agile fliers, are they? A great series of pictures showing that explosive burst of power as they exit the foliage. I once saw about a hundred of them fly out from a single tree - I didn't even know there were any in there at all.

    1. Thanks John.
      They are a very agile species and survive due to their flexible eating habits.
      It s great to see a flock of 500 on a field and taking off if disturbed. Not that the farmers are too happy about it.{:))

  2. Lovely shots, I do like this bird and you are so right about the clatter they make.

  3. super wat mooi om haast op het geluid een vogel te ontdekken.

  4. A brilliant series of shots Roy.

  5. lol I thought this was going to be about woodpeckers, especially the Great Spotted, cos I call them Woodies! :-)
    I do know this sound very well as I'm always startling Wood Pigeons in my garden - they seem very nervous birds. You captured a wonderful sequence here!


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