Thursday, 28 August 2014

Swallows on the Move

On a recent walk I concentrated on observing Swallows around the Parkland. At the time of taking these images a few days ago they were beginning to congregate. Some adults were still providing some food to the immature. The immature continued getting in plenty of flying practice. 
All were feeding up before their departure on migration to Winter quarters in Africa.



Not the easiest of out door sports is trying to photograph swallows as the streak across low over grass catching flies. Even shooting at eleven frames a second it is somewhat of a 'Hit and Miss" affair.

Since taking this walk I have revisited the area and found that most of the Swallows have gone.
Bon Voyage.


  1. Roy, they may be masters of the air but it still amazes me how these little beauties manage to undertake such huge journeys every year.

    I saw 20+ adults and juveniles still busily 'feeding up' at a their local nesting site yesterday, I guess it won't be long before they too are soon on their way?.....I've just paused while writing this to look out of the window, and what did I see?..more long distance travelers...four Swifts, high in the sky, hawking flies as they slowly drifted southwards.

    You've captured some cracking images, especially the flight shots..they put my feeble attempts to shame!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor. Its a very interesting time now with the migration.
      Where I found the L/Whitethroat etc. the other day, they are all gone now, not a bird in sight and are probably already over the English channel. Fascinating.

  2. wat hebt je hier een heerlijke maar ook heel mooie zwaluwen serie neer gezet. klasse.

  3. Swallows have always intrigued me and your beautiful pictures just confirm my 'addiction'. Safe journey, Swallows.

  4. Great shots Roy, where I work we do get a lot of Swollows and have noticed they have been much more active over this last week. I just love watching them fly so close to the ground when you have walked through the grass and disturbed the insects, they get very close.. So I am very impressed with your photos of them flying..
    Amanda xx

  5. Well done! I have never gotten such good shots of swallows in flight! Our are on the move as well with most of the Tree Swallows gone but still a few Barn Swallows hanging around. I am busy learning shorebirds as they migrate down the coast!

    1. Thanks Kathie.
      Shorebirds are definitely a mystery to me.{:))

  6. A super nice series of the swallow.
    Unfortunately, this year I do not swallow superball capture.
    I enjoyed it.


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