Friday, 29 August 2014

More Dragons and Damsels

A belated post.
A few more images of Dragonflies and Damselflies shot over the last few weeks.
I never get the identification completely right on some of these so feel free to correct my mistakes. 

Female Four -spotted Chaser

Male Ruddy Darter

Immature male Common Darter.?

Female Ruddy Darter.?

Common Blue Damselfly (pair)

Male Common Blue Damselfly

Female Common Darter

Male Banded Demoiselle 

Female Banded Demoiselle 


  1. Excellent set of odo images Roy.
    You did a great job of capturing the 4SC in flight...[;o)

  2. Great shots Roy, I know very little about these insects, but have seen more this year at the park, only a few have stayed still long enough to get a photo to I.d them. So I am well impressed with your photos..
    Amanda xx

  3. Een geweldig mooie libelle serie maar de libelle in de vlucht vind ik wel heel bijzonder want ze zijn zo verdraaid vlug.

  4. Roy, their wings are amazing! You captured the detail so well!

  5. That's a lovely variety of color in those dragonflies Roy, brilliantly captured.

  6. lovely shots Roy. they are amazing creatures

  7. Fabulous captures, especially the ones in flight! I've been puzzling over some ID myself and it's not easy. I think in the two darter photos above your demoiselles, you have a female (or immature male) Red Veined Darter. Look at the pterostigma colours. Also I'm not sure but I believe the Ruddy has completely black legs whereas the Common has black legs with a yellow line down them, so I think your other IDs are correct, but whether they are females or immature males I've no idea! Keep up the good work. P.S. Don't photos look better on a Mac screen?! :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy, I must admit had not noticed about the black legs before that useful info for the future.
      Yes they do look better on a Mac screen always.{:))

  8. All the colors of the rainbow here! A very colorful collection. You got great shots of them flying! I can only manage the ones that sit still for me :-)

  9. A nice variety of libvellen and butterfly.
    Especially the flying four spot dragonfly I find pretty photographed.
    Also you meadow brook Damsels are very beautiful

  10. Many many blue damselflies in our area this year. Thousands hovering around grasslands, meadows and paths. Lovely.

    1. This weather is really good for them now. Thanks Helena.


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