Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Flying South for the Winter

Winter Migration is underway again.

There is a good spot in the Parkland (where I regularly walk) that is a staging post for our Summer visitors to stop off and feed up on a good variety of insects etc.

I can be fairly certain of finding the Spotted Flycatcher perched on open branches. They are easy to spot as they fly out from the branch, catch a fly and return back to the same perch. They don't mind if you approach quietly to watch them as well. See the first five images.

Spotted Flycatcher

Another species moving South is the Willow Warbler, see the next two mediocre images.

I was also fortunate to see on male Blackcap briefly as it moved through the branches.

As I was standing around waiting for Spotted Flycatchers to emerge, two of the bird below flew into the trees quite low down. So I was able to get these shots.
I believe it is juvenile Chiffchaffs, but I could be wrong and often have been.{:))


  1. Sweet, sweet birds! I wish them a safe journey.

  2. Hi Roy!
    Yes indeed, birds have started to migrate and we have seen already in the south of France occasional ducks on their way to Spain or Africa.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of flycatchers and warblers.
    And thanks for your kind comments while I was away! :)
    Keep well!

  3. These are beautiful! I especially love the shot of the Blackcap - they're so sweet. You got some fantastic pictures of the Spotted Flycatcher's too. - Tasha xxx

    1. Thanks Tasha.
      Have visited that location again today and there is more to follow.{:))

  4. Wonderful shots Roy. I love Spotted flycatchers, they always look so friendly and are not shy, hich is very nice when you're a birder or photographer :-). Migration already started, that means autumn will come soon :-(, for birdwatching it is good but for the weather and my mood it's bad!
    I think you're right about the Chiffchaff, but to be sure you just have to wait untill he opens his mouth and starts to sing :-))).

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks Marianne. Yes the season marches on and it is not quite so warm already. The 'Chiffy' wasn't in a singing mood and I don't think they sing much now anyway at this time.{:))

  5. Hey Roy... I really hate the thought of birds leaving there summer homes it seem they just got here!
    I am seeing some packing up and heading out of town too : )
    Nice bird , and I love that last cutie!!


    1. Thanks GG. Yes, but I do think they are sensible leaving our shores for the winter for warmer climates.

  6. Bonsoir Roy,
    Superbe série !
    Chez moi aussi les migrants sont là. Le Nord vers le Sud et inversement, c'est un beau croisement d'oiseau.

    1. La migration des oiseaux est un sujet passionnant Nathalie.


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