Saturday, 23 August 2014

Reed Warbler

The Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)
I found this bird at the same location as the previous entry in the blog (Lesser Whitethroat), which is basically an insignificant little area with ivy clad low bushes on a strip of land between two of the lakes in the Parkland that I walk.

With reed vegetation alongside the three main lakes there has been nesting by this species in the area. That said, I would not normally find a Reed Warbler at this location away from the reeds. So I am assuming it may be staging through and fuelling up like all the other warblers I have seen here.

Interestingly, I have read that individual Reed Warblers (revealed through bird ringing records) use the same sites in Africa overwinter, the same reed beds here for nesting in Summer and the same staging posts en route during migration. Quite amazing.


  1. had to come see your Reed Warblers Roy; lovely photos of, and still so green ...

  2. A subtly beautiful bird, wonderfully photographed

  3. Heel knap meestal als je hem net in het vizier hebt laat hij zich zakken of is hij weg.

  4. Sublimes photos.
    Oui la migration des oiseaux est passionnante !
    Bises Roy, à bientôt

  5. Sweet little bird beautifully photographed. A real treat to see. Thanks Roy!


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