Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wild Orchids

Frog Orchid (Coeloglossum viride)

This was a new species to me.
I was walking around a local nature reserve and noticed a Chap photographing something on the ground. It looked from a distance very small and very indistinct. When I inquired, I was informed that it was a Frog Orchid. It was so small and on closer inspection of the plant I realised that there was more to it than meets the eye. 
I would have walked by and not given it a second look probably. 

Pyrimidal Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

I have found more of the Bee Orchid (Below) now and they appear to be having a really good year.

Bee Orchid

Fragrant Orchid

A poor image, but can you spot the Orchid.


  1. Hi Roy I am very glad you spotted the man looking at this beautiful Orchid. All you shots, as usual are wonderful. ilove how you caught the butterfly on that last orchid.

  2. Some great close ups as ever, Roy. Something about 2014 seems to be suiting the orchids, I've seen more than ever this year too - but no Frog Orchid. Yet.

  3. Frog Orchid is a new one on me too Roy. Think I'd have missed it too.
    Lovely selection here.
    The Bee Orchids do seem to have done exceptionally well everywhere this year.

  4. Good to see the Frog Orchid Roy. It's amazing how many things we miss as we pass by, the good thing is that you've got the spot now for future reference. Lovely images of the other, more showy, Orchids...[;o)

  5. Hey Roy... Oooh's and Awww's they are just gorgeous all of them , and lovely photo's of them !!
    I have seen the Frog Orchid here, and it was a stumble upon not easy to see!!
    When I enlarged it I thought it was in the lower right corner, but now ????
    The field is wonderful with all those flowers!!
    There Orchids in the field here, I used to see them when I was younger, but now that we have tick's you can't step into tall grass without getting them on you even with protective insect spray on you!!


  6. so many kinds of beautiful wild orchids....lovely!

  7. Lovely pictures of the orchids Roy:-) The Frog orchid is a new one for me. I am wondering if the picture of the orchid with the Marbled White butterfly might be the Fragrant orchid.

    1. Thanks Lyn, yes I think you are right about the fragrant.

  8. Hi Roy,
    Lovely images. The only place I know around here that holds the Frog Orchid is Hills and Holes, is this one here, or elsewhere I wonder?
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  9. Another set of stunning photos, we do get Frog Orchids up here in Yorkshire, as you have seen they are small and easly missed, need someone to show me one too.
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda, yes I wouldn't have given it another look normally, if I had seen it that is.{:))

  10. The wild orchid is really beautiful to see, but the picture where those beautiful butterfly on it is really great!


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