Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Admiral and the Wren

I shot these images on a recent walk. 
The Butterfly is the Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta). This particularly one was not looking at its best. They are a migratory species and have travelled a long way to get here from the Mediterranean area, so its not surprising that some look a bit worn. The males patrol along sunny edges of woodland rides and hedgerows. Look out for females that fly along and pitch on nettles, which is the favoured place to lay eggs.

This Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) below suddenly appeared in a thick tall bush alongside a path. 
I was able to get a few shots before it disappeared again.

NB: The heading of this post was intended to be a jovial play on the meaning of Admiral and Wren. For those that it may not mean anything, Admiral is a rank in the Royal Navy and many years ago the female members of the RN served in the Woman's Royal Naval Service W.R.N.S. and the term Wren was used as their initial rank in that Service.
Of course today male and female members of the RN are all classed as serving RN personnel in one Service.
The jovial heading was in no way intended to denigrate the female members of the RN who were and are amongst the finest individuals of our and previous generations.


  1. Hey Roy...Clever title for this post with nice shot's, and the bit of history along with it !!

    Two I have not seen this Spring at all!! The Red Admiral is usually the first butterfly I see, and the Carolina Wren has been a no show : ( !!


  2. It's amazing to realise how something so fragile and delicate can travel such distances?
    That Wren was keeping it's beady eye on you, just to make sure that you didn't get too close!
    Lovely images Roy...[;o)

  3. I know I keep repeating myself over here... but what can I say?
    Great sequence of photos. Simply fabulous.
    Have a great week, Roy!

  4. Some lovely shots of the Wren. I have not seen a Red Admiral yet this summer. I have only seen one Painted Lady.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I have not seen Painted Lady yet this year.


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