Monday, 2 June 2014

Mr Uncooperative - Common Whitethroat

Chattering away in a young oak tree, this Common Whitethroat was his usual camera shy self. 

However, no such problems with this little fella, the Swallow.

NB. These are the last images I will be posting with Lumix cameras. I have now changed to a different system of which, I have already used on the Crane's-bill below.


  1. you still did get some sweet glances Roy and the swallow not so shy. Have fun with your latest camera

  2. Hey Roy.... Got a new toy huh!! Must be nice ; } !! It works nice because those Crane-bill shots are gorgeous!!
    Birds in leaved out trees quite a challenge !! You seem to do it much better then I !!


  3. Even if the White troat proved to be shy, you managed very good shots, especially if you were not in a hide!!
    And congratulations for the swallow, I haven't yet been able to take decent pictures!
    Keep well, Roy

  4. Love the Swallow shots showing great colour. I always end up with silhouettes.

  5. Ah oui, je lis que tu as changé, tu ne travailles plus avec Lumix.
    Cette fauvette est très belle ! pas facile à prendre.
    Et l'hirondelle .... hummmm quelle magie cet oiseau !


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