Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Woodland Walk (Part 2)

The second part of scenes from my recent woodland walk.

Peacock Butterflies are a resident species and hibernate over winter. 
Some look better than others. This one below may have ended up like this prior to hibernation. 

Whereas others look in very good condition like the one below.

Why a photo of a Gorse bush you may be wondering.?

I noticed some activity with two Long-tailed Tits continually leaving and returning to the area. 
At this time of year this can mean only one thing, they are making a nest.

Sure enough you can see lichen in the beak of the bird, which is used as nesting material.

The main thing about observing such activity is to keep a good distance, take a few photos if you wish to and then leave the area. Its best not to disturb birds during this time.

Seven Dogs.? 
At least they are responsible owners and are keeping them on a lead.

The Primroses are starting to look a bit drab around the edges unfortunately. 

A high flying Common Buzzard overflying the woodland. In fact there were three, but this is the only half decent shot I got.

There is always a Robin somewhere.

The Brimstone Butterfly


  1. Beautiful photos Roy.. Long Tailed Tits are such lovely little is the gorgeous Robin.

  2. Heerlijke serie,dit zijn toch wel heerlijke wandelingen en een pracht omgeving.

  3. Hi Roy

    Lovely photos it makes me long for ,whibh is offically here but hard to believe when it snowed all weekend. Still the flickers are drumming and the gulls and crows are back so there is hope.


  4. Hey Roy...Looks like your getting a real taste of Spring's beauty !! Nice to be seeing butterflies again,and the Long Tail Tit is a real adorable bird!!

    Thanks for sharing your Spring sights!!


  5. Hi Roy, a lovely walk with several surprises. The long-tailed tits with nesting material are very cute. Hope they will have lots of cute baby's. Also love the butterfly photo's.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks Marianne, yes I expect the L.T. Tits will produce quite a few.{:))

  6. Great post and photos, we had a warm day too brought the Butterflies out, I was surprised to see so many. Went looking for Frogs and the Brimstone Butterfly. Have never seen a Brimstone even though we do get them round here on the Chevin, no luck....Did see lots of other things...I do like your posts as it gives me a idea of what to look for.....
    Amanda x

    1. Thanks Amanda, Brimstone are pretty common normally throughout most of UK.

  7. Beautiful scenes Roy.
    It's really coming alive this time of the year now, especially with a bit of sun to bring out the butterflies.

    1. Thanks Keith, yes this warmer weather is really helping now, apart from the Sahara dust and pollution of the last couple of days.

  8. Great shots Roy. That Buzzard is the capture I missed yesterday! Lovely to see Long Tailed Tits. They've appeared in our garden over the last two days but I run fir the camera and by teh time I get back they've gone......damn!

    1. Thanks Em. Yes I have had that experience with Buzzards too many times.
      I have usually the wrong lens on the camera or I just haven't seen them approach until the last moment.

  9. What pleasure to see all these species, and Long-tailed Tit is too cute !
    Bravo for the lepidoptera, the sharpness is perfect :)
    Good night !

    1. Thanks Nathalie. The L.T.Tit is a favourite and I look forward to seeing and photographing them.

  10. Lovely promenade in both your latest posts!
    Great Peacock photos, we have many too here all along winter when the sun is out!
    I love the LT tit, not an easy one to capture with a camera!
    Well done Roy!

  11. I've loved the sights from 1 & 2 of your woodland walk. The Long Tailed Tits are lovely; it is good news about their nest. I love the Buzzard against the striking blue sky, too - the detail on the wings is wonderful.

  12. lovely spring blog with brimstone and peacock. Your flying raptor, I think that's great, but you startmeesje is top! Also you flowers and robin :-)


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