Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bumble B

I have observed quite a few Bumble Bees already this Spring and was able to shoot two recently.

I think from my limited research that this first one below on the primroses is B.Pascuorum of the Southern form. 

I think this one below is a male B. Sylvestris, but don't quote me on it.{:))

Its an exacting science trying to identify Bumble Bees even though we only have some 20+ species in UK, they appear to vary so much in each species.


  1. It's good to see so many bees around at the moment, I am seeing quite a few different sorts, although my knowledge on these creatures leaves a lot to be desired!
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  2. Well done with 'catching' these Roy, they're not easy to photograph..they're always too busy!
    Another on of those subjects that nature likes to give us an ID headache with!...[;o)

  3. Well done for getting these pictures. They are not easy to capture as they don't stay still for long. You have got the first one right I would say, Bombus Pascuorum - Common Carder bee. I have these in my garden every year, they like the small blue flowers of the Green Alkanet. The second bee, Bombus Sylvestris - Forest Cuckoo bumblebee, I think is also right. You are right, they are not easy to id, I have to look at the pictures a million times before I am sure of my bees.

    1. Thanks Lyn, I guessed you may know about these.

  4. Hey Roy... Nice shot's!! I like to watch bee's work there way around in the flowers, but ID's of them "I think not" !! : )
    Since I am allergic to bee stings I am very cautious around them!!


  5. Just been browsing your recent posts, Poy. They do not disappoint!

  6. Fun post. You did a great job with these.


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