Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Woodland Walk (Part 1)

Part 1 of scenes from my recent woodland walk on a sunny warm day with temperatures around the 16 celsius mark. Its not until you look at the trees and hedgerow, which is still not that green as yet, that you realise its only the end of March.

This woodland ride below was a good place to see Brimstone butterflies. I observed four at one point close together.

Yes those Amphibians are still lounging in the Pool.{:))

This bunch of Lichen was growing on a Blackthorn bush.

A couple of shots of a Wren that just didn't hang around long enough.

Much of the area is still quite wet underfoot.

As is usual at this time when the first Chiffchaffs (below) arrive on migration they tend to remain high up in the trees singing away "Chiff chaff, "Chiff chaff" and are never close enough to get a detailed image.

Odd to find male Mallards in remote ponds like this, but I do occasionally see them from time to time in this area.

Marsh Marigolds showing some welcome colour.

The Blue Tit is still feeding away, acrobatically of course.

When you get warm sunny days like this, a sheltered sunny spot is a good place to find basking butterflies especially during the early afternoon. The moss covered log in the centre of the image was a good place to look.

I didn't' have to wait long and a Comma butterfly came along and landed on the log

It returned to the area several times.


  1. Hi Roy Loved looking around this patch and seeing all the things that you photographed. the Comma was lovely to see and all the birds.

  2. Het is nu overal op zijn mooist je ziet alles groeien en bloeien je komt ogen tekort.

    1. Het is begint nu te bloeien zeker Bas.

  3. Looks like spring for sure!

    1. Its quite warm now as well Wilma.

  4. Hey Roy... Great place to take in and photograph the emerging wonders of Spring!!
    The Blue Tit is a cute one, and I love the Marsh Marigold!!


    1. Thanks GG, yes the Marsh Marigold have only just come out and will look great later on.

  5. Hi Roy

    Great shot of the frog it really makes me wish I was at the cabin.


  6. you photographed butterflies with 100 300, also ?
    Greats pictures Roy

    1. Thanks Nathalie, yes all the butterfly images in this first post were shot with the 100-300mm.
      Its a good lens to have attached to the camera for both birds and butterflies. So is very flexible for using.


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