Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Favourite Emerges

 Orange Tip (Anthocharis cardamines)

I always look forward to photographing the Orange Tip Butterfly when it emerges in Spring. 
It is such a beautiful species with a varied uniform colouring. 

The earliest it can be seen flying is the first week in April, although that is weather dependant I think. 
So I was fortunate to see several yesterday whilst walking along sunny woodland rides.

Lumix GH3. 100-300mm lens.  1/1300 at f8. 300mm. ISO200

Lumix GH3. 100-300mm lens. 1/640 at f8. 300mm. ISO200.

I was not sure I would be also find a female Orange Tip, but it has to be a lucky day as I did find more than one. 
I took a few shots of this one below feeding on a bluebell, …...

…….while I was doing so a male came into the frame to try his luck!

Lumix GH3. 100-300mm lens. 1/1000 at f8. 300mm. ISO200

However the male was rejected and went wearily on his way.


  1. Hi Roy All great shots of this lovely butterfly and wonderful that you managed to captured the male and female

  2. Cracking shots as always, Rpy. I'm very glad to have seen the female in your pics as there's a wood near here where the males are currently out in abundance but so far I've not seen any ladies. The first orange tip in Hampshire was seen on March 16th this year (very early by my reckoning). I saw my first one on April 4th. Finger's crossed for another good butterfly summer :-)

  3. Terrific photos of the Orange Tips, especially where you've caught the male and female together. I love to see them, too. I've just seen a couple of males so far. I didn't see a female at all last year so I hope to see one this year.

  4. wonderful photos! I'm amazed to see butterflies already!

  5. Hey Roy.... These photos are just stunning, A beauty of a subject and of course flowers!!
    I love that last set on the Bluebell especially the 6th from the bottom!!



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