Friday, 9 August 2013

Scenes from a Cycle Ride (Part 1)

The first of a two part post about my latest cycle ride on what turned out to be quite cloudy.

The wrapped black and green bales are most likely hay rather than silage. There is also a modern word 'Haylage' which is basically silage, but a little more dry when cut and wrapped. 
Goodness knows who thought that one up.?

Wild Oats.

Blackberry Bush Flower


A rather elderly and well worn Red Admiral Butterfly.

A rather nice looking Peacock Butterfly.

More wheat, but much younger.

More wheat fields.

A Field of Barley.

This Oak tree branch had been ripped off by a pretty strong wind in the recent past,.....

.... it may have been a Crocodile in the tree.{:))


  1. made me smile; it may have been a croc Roy. The fields looks so neat and productive, lovely skies overhead for your photos too. Butterfly photos superb

  2. Wat een heerlijke landelijke serie de korenvelden spreken mij erg aan maar de krokodil in de boom is ook prachtig.

  3. Hi Roy What a lovely bike ride around the country. Lovely to see the crops ripening nicely under the wonderful sunny summer we have had. Yes I did see the Croc, that was good editing. I love the shot of the wild Oats.

  4. Super selection of images from your bike ride Roy.
    A worrying time for the farmers as the corn is almost ready for harvesting and the skies start to turn an increasingly darker shade of grey!
    Do you think I should keep an eye out for those 'tree crocs'?...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, yes they do get about a bit.{:))

  5. Hey Roy... I am not going to comment on your wild oat's : )
    I do like the Blackberry bush flower so delicate, but those thorns!!
    Gorgeous shot of the Peacock , such a colorful one !!
    I think that Croc has been eating Barley by the looks of the strips through the field!!

    I wonder about with those wrapped bales, which they do here to, is would the hay sweat and mold inside?


    1. Thanks GG. If the wrapped bales are hay then providing its proper;y sealed it keeps. With silage which is green when its wrapped it ferments anyway because its green.

  6. You always see some lovely sights on your bike rides Roy, and I'm very happy you share them with us.

  7. Love these pics! the barely looks more feathery than the wheat does. I feel like I came along on the ride with you! Love the storm clouds over the fields as well!

  8. Oh, and that peacock butterfly is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Kathie, they are one of our most colourful species.

  9. This is also a pleasure to watch Roy. Barley field that is truly magnificent photographed. The air and the butterfly (peacock) is lovely to see.


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