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Sunday 4 August 2013

A Walk through a Nature Reserve (1)

Images from my recent walk around a local Nature Reserve.
The reserve consists of mainly woodland with a few open heathland areas.

This is a typical open area view below.

There are many varieties of wild flowers around the reserve.

Marsh Ragwort

Below another open area which as you can see is full of Spear Thistles at this time.

Cinnabar Moth caterpillar.

Giant Bellflower

This old tree stump appears to be almost rotten and unlikely to sprout any greenery.

One of my 'Target' butterfly species in the woodland areas (particularly one area) is the Silver-washed Fritillary. 
As stated in my recent post see below-

-It was a poor year last year and I was concerned for the species being found this year, although as the link reveals, a good recovery had taken place.

Below are two images of a typical area where I found many of the species this year.

Partially sunny woodland rides are a favourite of the Silver-washed Fritillary.

Even more encouraging, on my latest visit during this walk I found females laying eggs as shown in the three images below.


  1. Hi Roy Great post adn very informative. Beautiful shots of the butterfly. Lovely to see where yuo find all the butterflies etc. I will probably need you help with (my) tomorrows post PLEASE.

  2. It certainly is a lovely area for a walk, and your photos speak to me. Great shots as always Roy.

  3. Looks a great place to explore Roy.
    Love the shots of the Silver-washed Fritillary, not seen any this year.

  4. Hey Roy.. I like the enchanted forest look : }, lush and green!!
    Fields of flowers, and I especially love the field with Spear thistles the colors are great!!
    That is good news for the Fritillary, and very interesting photo's of the egg laying!!
    Enjoyable walk!!

  5. Wow. The place looks great Roy... That caterpillar is almost merging with the flower! Pretty...
    Btw, thanks for your comment on my blonde look post. Lolz!!! :D

  6. Beautiful scenes from your walk Roy. It's good to see that the SWF's are doing well this year and hopefully next year too, if all that egg laying is successful!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, things are looking good for them, providing the eggs survive.

  7. I like this kind of pictures love to see Roy,
    because that let nature also see it as it is. I'll just enjoy it :-)

    1. Thanks Helma. It makes a change form just butterflies.{:))


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