Friday, 7 December 2012

Still Waters

The floods are subsiding around the parkland, but the water remains still in the morning sun.
The Willow trees provide a nice touch of colour to the dull autumn setting.
(Shot a few days ago but not been able to post until now)

Nikon D7000. 70-300mm lens. 1/100 at f8. 125mm. ISO100

Nikon D7000. 70-300mm lens. 1/80 at f11. 110mm. ISO100


  1. Lovely photos Roy, they have a very serene quality.

    I also enjoyed your garden bird photos on yesterday's post. All regular visitors to my garden too although the LTTs just flit in and out occasionally as it sounds like yours do too.

    1. Thanks Jan, yes the LTT's don't hang around.

  2. So serene and beautiful. Well done.

  3. The reflections double the pleasure of the photos. Such an idyllic looking scene. I love your header photo. It looks so serene and makes anyone want to live there.

    1. Thanks Mary.
      The header is a view I took looking towards Salisbury Cathedral.

  4. Hey Roy....lovely mirrored look on the water especially like the doubled Swans !!
    There is a soft calming effect in the colors here...could be good subject for a painting!!


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