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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brown Bird in the Bush

Blackbird  (A first winter female - I think)
Although we tend to overlook it mostly, the Blackbird is quite an interesting species to watch throughout the year. At the moment though with the colder weather, its main priority is to search for as much food as possible.

Like most Wrens, this one wasn't being to helpful about posing for a photograph and continued to try and hide where possible in this thorny bush.

Not exactly in a bush, but just as uncooperative on the posing front.


  1. 3 interesting birds for the day! I love wrens and creepers and even blackbirds :-)

  2. Hey Roy...Great title...Wrens are so cute, but don't winter here, but Creepers do! Good job getting a shot of both these two that are quick shy!!


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