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Saturday 10 June 2023

Two Dragons

The Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly
This species has been observed and appears to have now established itself at the Radipole Lake Reserve Weymouth over the last three years.  I first observed it there in June 2020.
Originally restricted to Norfolk and Suffolk, it can now be observed in many parts of England.

The Scarce Chaser Dragonfly (Male)

A medium sized species which can be observed in the East and South of England. 

I was only able to find the male on this occasion.


  1. Replies
    1. Kiitos paljon Anne. Olet erittäin ystävällinen.

  2. One of those dragons looks like it might have met up with St George and come off slightly the worse. I could only find female Scarce Chasers along the Ouse Washes yesterday

    1. The Hawker was the only one that landed anywhere unfortunately. I see very little in the way of Dragonflies here. No more than about three species normally.

  3. Great images! I haven’t seen either of these species. Love the green eyes of the first one! Mandy


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