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Sunday 4 June 2023

Local Walk - White Pheasant


Two items of interest observed on my latest walk in to the local countryside.

Firstly an encounter with a male Muntjac Deer.
I was one side of a wire fence on a grass footpath that was obscured by tall grass. Immediately into the field was some low grass along the edge. The deer appeared from my left and less than 10 yards from me. Fortunately I was dressed in green dull coloured clothing and the wind was blowing from left to right. I am sure from his actions that the deer could eventually pick up my scent, but was unaware of my location.
Fortunately I always use the silent shutter on my cameras and I was able to take a number of images. 
As is often the case, the public got in the way of further observation in the shape of a man on a mountain bike racing by. The deer turned and raced along the edge of the field using long grass as cover and disappeared.

Oxeye Daisy

A high flying Common Buzzard was observed overhead, but failed to come any lower.
It was very warm and only a slight wind. These birds like that kind of weather and using the thermals can soar around using very little energy in the process.

Something I have not seen before, a Leucistic Pheasant.
Looking across a large grass field I could just make out two white birds moving around in the long grass.
I only had a 420mm equivalent lens on the camera and was only able to get these rather cropped images of two White Leucistic Pheasants, one male and one female. They moved further away and eventually out of sight. I later spoke with another birding colleague who was able to confirm what I had seen as he had seen them on a number of occasions before.

Grain Crops are well advanced now with Barley and Wheat looking in good shape. This is due to the mixture of  wet and warm weather we have had over the last month.

Barley Field

Wheat Field

Lesser Stitchwort


  1. Bonsoir Roy.
    Ah les vélos, les chiens, les marcheurs et
    ... Les enfants ! Tous font obstacles à l'observation de la nature.
    Bravo pour ces photos.
    Deux faisans leuciques pour le prix duny, rare !

  2. I've never seen a Muntjac, but I don't think we have them in France anyway. Damn the cyclist! I've not heard of white pheasants before so that must have been a nice surprise for you as they sound pretty rare! Mandy

    1. Yes it is the kind of place you should be pushing your bike Mandy. I have certainly seen a lot of pheasants especially in my younger years. I didn't know the white ones existed.


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