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Thursday 23 March 2023

Nuthatch Home Completion

On the 25th February and 17th March I reported on the progress of the rebuild of a Nuthatch tree hole. Located high in a tree, this had the previous year been occupied by the Nuthatch and then subsequently this year made much larger by what I assume was a Woodpecker (Green or Great-spotted.

As you can observe from the latest images below taken on 23 March, the rebuild of exterior has now been completed. The construction materials consisted of dried mud, small twigs and dried leaves.
No doubt the pair are now using their interior design skills to finish the inside.



  1. Wat knap! Mooi bouwwerk en mooie foto's

  2. C'est un travail fabuleux ! Quel artiste.
    Tu vas suivre la nidification maintenant ;-)
    Bonne soirée Roy

    1. Salut Nath. Merci, oui je vais continuer à chercher pendant que je marche dans cette région.


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