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Sunday 19 March 2023

Flowers - Mothering Sunday

It is that time again.
Primroses and daffodils can be observed growing wild and in the gardens.
It is also Mothering Sunday today.
It is the Spring equinox on the 21st March. (two days time.)

Talking of things yellow. 
Yesterday I observed two male Brimstone butterflies on the wing. 
That is the first butterfly action I have seen this year. I was only able to get one flight shot though as they rarely pitch much during early season.


  1. Très jolis cadrages et toutes ces couleurs printanières font du bien !
    Bonne soirée mon ami.

    1. Bonjour Nath
      Merci pour vos aimables commentaires.

  2. Beautiful spring flowers Roy. Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind words.


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