Saturday, 8 January 2022

Portland Visit

A short visit to the Portland Bill area revealed little in the way of Bird life.  
My main target was the Purple Sandpiper as a few have been sighted more recently, which is the normal time for them now.
Ther rocky shoreline is the place to find them, but unfortunately after searching the whole immediate area I was unsuccessful.

What isn't difficult to find at any time of the year is the Rock Pipit.
Always worth a photograph, they are in attendance year out somewhere around the Bill.

Out to sea whihc was. quite rough, I could pick out Gannets and various Gulls. Even with a 600 mm equivalent lens and 1.4 converter I could only just manage shots like this below.

A search of the moorland for Stonechat was also unsuccessful.
Such is a Nature Observers luck sometimes.


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