Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Back Lit Beardies

On a visit to Radipole Reserve Weymouth today, the weather had improved and it was blue sky and bright sunlight.

Not so good if you come across (as I did) a small flock of Bearded Tits feeding in the reeds with the low Sun directly behind them.

I have observed these little beauties on a number of occasions at Radipole, but this was the most difficult location based on the direction of the sun in relation to the birds.

So after considerable post production here is the result of my efforts.


  1. As is often the case, when conditions are difficult and you persevere and get good results, the outcome is some stunning photos.

  2. One of my favourite birds. Despite the conditions great shots.

  3. Vau! Se on upea lintu!! Aivan mahtavat valokuvat. Täällä niitä on muutamassa paikassa, mutta emme ole vielä onnistuneet näkemään niitä. Ehkä joskus.

    1. Kiitos Anne.
      Ne osaavat yllättää sinut. :-)

  4. Gorgeous little birds. The photos are so luminous.

  5. What a beautiful bird! Love the photos and think you handled the light just right.


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