Friday, 21 January 2022

The Elusive Water Rail.

The Water Rail.

Not the easiest bird to find, but I was fortunate enough to see this one during a visit to Lodmoor Reserve, Weymouth.
In reality it is not a rare species, but is very secretive and does not show out in the middle of any stretch of water. It prefers to search for food (Invertebrates and small fish) along the edge of freshwater reeds where it can hide if disturbed.



  1. Shining like a jewel in the reeds!

    1. Thanks Wilma. That is a really nice way of describing it.
      The 'Levian' of wader birds.

  2. Wow, how fantastic! Well done Roy. I’ve seen a couple but very briefly as they tend to disappear as soon as they spot you!

    1. Thanks Mandy, they are not at all helpful to us nature watchers.

  3. I've managed to spot a few and am always impressed with their plumage.

  4. Hi Roy,
    Beautiful sneaky bird ;-)
    I usually just hear it ...scream like a pig.
    So, you were lucky to see one and beautifully captured as well!!
    Greetings Maria


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