Friday, 7 January 2022

Lodmoor Reserve Visit

A visit to Lodmoor Reserve this week.
Entering the Reserve I was greeted by the Gate Guard Mr Robin.

The main event was a flying training day by a family of Mute Swans.
Mum and Dad and the four offsprings. 

Pre Flight Briefing

Positive rate of climb, gear up.

Of course the Lapwings had to show their skills afterwards. 

Other residents such as Teal Duck, Black-tailed Godwits, Shelducks and a few tired Lapwings showed little interest.

Even with 1.4 lens converter I could not get close to the distant Greenfinch and female Bullfinch feeding in a tree at the edge of the reserve. I will look out for them next time.


  1. Nice Post. Roy
    I can nearly hear the sound of the wings of de Mute Swans in flight!
    Love it all. Mister Robin is special and the Bullfinch, wow is great!
    (Ik kan bijna het geluid van de vleugels van de Knobbelzwanen horen!)

  2. Your flying photos are always so good! It is like you are right up there with them.


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