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Wednesday 20 May 2020

The Duke and Friends

The second of a three part Post showing all the species of butterflies observed over two days at Cerne Abbas, Dorset.

I believe I may have been a little late to observe Duke of Burgundy this year. They are only flying for a short period and because of the lockdown I was unable to view the main flight time, which I believe was a little earlier this year.

Duke of Burgundy

You can observe from the scale of the Grizzled Skipper below against the head of the buttercup how small it is. 
It is quite difficult to track down and follow for a photograph.

Grizzled Skipper

Another small species the Small Heath butterfly.

Small Heath

The Green Hairstreak.
This lovely green coloured species is yet another butterfly not easy to find.
It likes the May Bush (Hawthorn) and the Hazel Bush to pitch on.

Green Hairstreak

The first Large Skipper I have seen this year.

Large Skipper

My first Brown Argus of the year as well

Brown Argus

The Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper

A really colourful little species the Small Copper

Small Copper


  1. Stunning photos of butterflies, really stunning. This green butterfly is so magical. :)
    Warm greetings, have a nice day. :)

  2. Nice roll call of flutters Roy, I'm lucky that I've been able to see all of them localy...about 15 minutes from home.
    I like the Green Hairstreak with it's complete streak... it's a rare sight around here!...[;o)

  3. Hi Roy,
    Wow, a beautiful set of butterflies! I'm a little bit jealous, of course!
    Those skippers and the Vreen Hairstreak are fantastic!
    It is breathtaking!
    Regards, Maria


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