Friday, 8 May 2020

East Cliff Walk - Portland

A set of images from my recent walk along the East Cliff on Portland.

It is good to see the Wheatears back from their winter holidays.

Female Wheatear

Male Wheatear

A boring old job having to walk along in the sunshine looking at these views, but somebody has got to do it.😎

Male Linnet

Fortunately I was able to shoot a Skylark while it was on the ground for a change.

I was also able to get these images of a Skylark taking a dust bath.

Male Goldfinch

A Surfing Great-blacked back Gull.

An aside and unrelated, this image of HMS Dauntless (D33) was observed on the horizon.


  1. Well, I'm glad you did take that walk and those photos so we can enjoy them too. Mind you don't step off the cliff while trying to maintain social distance!

    1. Thanks John. Your warning will be ringing in my ears. I did see one person about 50 metres away.:))

  2. Hei Roy! Ihanat kuvauskohteet. Hyvää viikonloppua;-)

  3. Wow those photos are great. We had a wheatear reported in a field on a local council estate, no idea if it was confirmed

  4. Hello Roy,
    a very nice series of the wheatear and the linnet, but I think the skylark is really fantastic. This is a bird I never come across. Wonderful to see.
    Greetings, Helma

    PS a beautiful header above your blog

  5. Hi Roy,
    The [hotos of the landscape are fantastic....
    and qoite: "A boring old job having to walk along in the sunshine" I had to laugh out loud!!
    That is certainly not a punishment !! Great shots of the Wheatear, and the Linnet. And stunning to see the Skylark taken a dust bath..not boring at all!
    Regards, Maria

  6. Hello Roy
    nice to look at your pictures so I can also be part of this beautiful landscape and the lark in the dust
    stay healthy
    Regards Frank

  7. Wow that's a amazing view on the last one


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