Tuesday, 5 May 2020

A Few Flutters

Photographing male Orange Tips while they are pitched on something early in the season is never easy. 
They always seem to be on the wing. This one needed some chasing to get these snatched shots.

Female Large Whites are far more obliging and will take their time feeding on nectar. 
The dark wing tips of the early first brood female are more pale grey rather than black of the second brood.

This Peacock below was in pretty good condition after hibernation.

Getting detailed images of the underside is usually difficult,.........

...........using spot metering is the only way with Peacocks. 
This method reveals quite a lot of detail of the underside of its wings.

Another White flying now, the Green-veined White.


  1. I haven't even managed to SEE an Orange Tip settle so far this year!

  2. Hello Roy,
    wonderful to see these butterflies.
    The orange tip is my favorite butterfly to encounter.
    Very nicely photographed!

  3. Hi Roy,
    Lovely butterflies!
    Great shots, as always!


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