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Thursday 14 May 2020

Cetti's - Mr Elusive

One of these days I will get a full clear photograph of a Cetti's Warbler, but not yet as you can see. 
I found, or rather heard this one at Radipole Lake initially. 
Eventually after a lot of wandering backwards and forwards I was able to get these shots.
This species can certainly be heard alright in the areas it exists. You can be walking along and suddenly a sharp piercing call will sound right next to you in the thick bushes. Such a load call that belies the actual size of the bird.


  1. Well done on getting any sort of shot at all! I used to know a place where I got regular good sightings of Cettis but the area has now been cleared - such are Nature Reserves.

  2. Ohhhhh ..... so cool!
    Great that you could photograph this beautiful cetti singer.
    Really amazing!

  3. Perfect photos, stunning bird, lovely colours. :)


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