Sunday, 22 May 2016

Whitethroat - Collecting Nesting Material

Scheduled Post

The Whitethroat produces 2 broods of 4 to 5 eggs from April through to July.


  1. Lovely little bird, Rpy, and excellent pictures!
    I am "jealous" of your Linnets, they used to breed in my garden but not any more. Sad to see the decline of so many passerine birds in our areas.
    Enjoy your sunday, I hope your weather is sunnier than mine!!

  2. Wonderful shots of the Whithroat Roy.

  3. great seen and super photographed between the tree branches, it is not so easy to get a great photo ...
    greetings Frank

  4. Mahtavat kuvat pensaskertusta. Lintu on kova laulamaan. Näin myös täällä pensaskertun.

  5. Not easy pictures with the trees.
    Good pictures.


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