Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wind and Hail

Very strong wind and many hailstorms made bird photography more than a little difficult yesterday during my walk around the Parkland. A look at the choppy waves on one of the lakes below reveal this and it appeared more like a tidal reach rather than an inland lake.

Below is one of the many hailstorms that passed over during the few hours I was out. Periods of blue sky followed by dark clouds, it appeared to change completely every 15 minutes.

This Robin below had his feathers ruffled by the wind when he popped out of cover.

These snow drops were under a large yew tree.

It didn't appear to bother this female Wigeon who was giving her feathers an airing.

This blue sky below belied the true nature of the weather during the day. 
A few minutes later it was throwing down with Hail and covered in dark grey clouds.

This male Goosander appears to have taken up permanent residence now in a sheltered corner of the largest lake in the Parkland. He was staying out of the wind today and not straying out into the open lake.

This was one of a group of Canada geese that opted for a short walk onto a meadow to eat grass.

Another Robin that just perched in the sun for a short period. The Robins are very active now and territories are being defined already by pairs.

Thats another storm coming.

I observed several groups of Long-tailed Tits moving through trees, all of which (Like me) were keeping out of the wind in the woodland areas.


  1. HI Roy A beautiful series of images from your walk. Yes the weather is very changeable and your sky shots re wonderful to show that. wise Goosander and great shots of him. Love seeing the geese on the hill line and also all the Robins and those beautiful LT Tits.

  2. You got some great photos though. I love the little robins.

    1. Thanks Gunilla.
      They are looking at their best now.

  3. Lots of interesting things there today! I like the pix of your Robin.

  4. We had the same weather but with snow, some of the snow showers had the biggest flakes I have seen in a long time. The Wigeon shots are lovely and the Long-tailed tit is all puffed up, great shot.
    Amanda xx

  5. Cet endroit possède une belle variété de canards. Anas penelope est superbe :)

  6. Wow... I always get lost, in your images, Roy!
    Amazing sequence... with so many details...
    Great work, as usual!
    All the best

  7. Great photos and lots going on! I like the fluffball LT Tits best. :-)

  8. I think that they way things are going for us, we may see snowdrops sometime in mid June.

    Love the Long-tailed Tit images.

    1. Thanks Steve, yes things are not looking good in your area.

  9. Truly have a fantastic array of water birds. The robin and the tail tit are fantastic but the ducks with the meadow wings are truly magnificent!


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