Saturday, 21 March 2015

Emerging Flutters

The latest Butterfly images taken as a result of my Woodland Walk yesterday.

The Comma (Polygonia c-album) has emerged from hibernation over Winter.  
Discovered along a sunny woodland ride and pitched in the open, suggests that this is a male of the species, which is normally difficult to differentiate. The female tends to have a shorter wider body.

This female Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) below was perched in the sun. Typically for a female, it maintained a perch position rather than keeping mostly on the wing as the males tend to do at this time.

I had observed this male below flying along and the yellow of its upper wings was almost 'glowing' bright yellow in the sunlight.

One of the few flowers available for Brimstone to pitch on at this stage is the Primrose.


  1. Wonderful.. spring is a lovely time of year :o)

  2. Hey Roy.... Okay you are starting to really annoy me "ha-ha"!! It is so cold here that it will be July before we see any
    gorgeous blooms,and butterflies !!
    All joking aside these are some wonderful shot's. Only you would get a butterfly with matching flowers.
    Looking forward to your many butterfly shot's you will be sharing!!


  3. How lovely! I really like the pics of the Brimstone on the primroses, now that's a perfect spring sight! :-)

  4. Must be well into spring over there! Nice to see.

  5. Lovely to see Roy, you could easy miss the Brimstone on the primroses if you did not know it was there..
    Amanda xx

  6. When I see this I am convinced that the spring:-)

  7. I love butterflies. We had a cold windy weekend and I didn't see any winged critters when I was out walking.

  8. Hello Roy,
    Beautiful set of images. Seeing all those butterflies means your temperatures are mild.
    The brimstone on the primroses makes for two superb photos!
    Keep well, enjoy your day :)

    1. Thanks Noushka, its reaching 14 celsius some days.

  9. Jolie série Roy, les deux dernières sont très très belles. Bravo


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